Digital ministry can be Really complicated

You know there’s more to it than just streaming services and posting on social media … but where do you start? MetaChurch will help ministries of any size use by outlining the exact strategy used to build an online ministry reaching more than a million people every week!

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Digital Ministry is More than Tech It’s Still About People

Using his experience as one of the first online pastors in the world, Dave Adamson outlines a detailed and practical strategy to help you develop a church model where online and offline work together seamlessly.

Learn how a digital ministry helps your other ministries grow

Uncover how your First Century mission can look with a 21st Century model

Discover the secrets of how to reach and connect with people beyond your church building

Find out how a digital ministry can complement your in-person ministries

Experts Agree: This book Is a game changer!

We sent this book to people we respect, and this is what they had to say about it.


 Dave is a longtime friend of mine who has consistently been a leading thinker on the Church of today and of tomorrow. He helps us challenge our past assumptions and current models to ensure the Church stays at the forefront of innovation.

Bobby Gruenewald,

Founder/CEO of YouVersion, and pastor, innovation leader at Life.Church
Mark Batterson

 As leaders, COVID-19 gave us an opportunity to ask ourselves some big questions about our model for doing church, and how we leverage technology to reach people in our communities, and help them develop daily disciplines. These questions need to be asked, and in MetaChurch, Dave Adamson provides some answers based on his experience as one of the first online pastors in the world. This book will challenge you, but it will also inspire you to think beyond what you’ve always done in order to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

Mark Batterson,

New York Times best selling author of The Circle Maker and Lead Pastor of National Community Church
Andy Stanley

 I had the privilege of working with Dave for seven years. He was instrumental in the development of our social media and online strategy for our Atlanta area churches. I’m thrilled he’s making the insight and knowledge he brought to our team available to yours! You will walk away from this book smarter, better equipped, and encouraged to make the most of the tremendous opportunities technology makes available to ministries of all sizes.

Andy Stanley,

Bestselling author and founder of North Point Ministries
Lisa Bevere

 In his book, MetaChurch, Dave Adamson makes a compelling argument that it is time we reimagine the way we do church without ever compromising the why. Discipleship has moved beyond mere attendance and entered the realm of engagement. Drawing on years of his online experience, Dave is committed to helping us dig new wells before old brooks dry up.

Lisa Bevere,

NYT bestselling author, cofounder Messenger International & MessengerX App
Carey Nieuwhof

 I have long appreciated Dave Adamson's voice in the church. MetaChurch will both surprise you in places and shock you in others. And in it, you'll find a better path toward the future. Are Dave's ideas disruptive? Yes. And that's exactly what the Church needs. Disrupt yourself, or be disrupted.

Carey Nieuwhof,

Bestselling author, speaker, and host of the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast.
Nona Jones

  Blockbuster is no longer in business because they couldn’t imagine a world where people wouldn’t want to get in their car and drive to a building for their products. Many churches have permanently closed their doors because they couldn’t imagine a world where people wouldn’t want to get in their car and drive to a building for their service. That world is not imaginary. We are living in it. And this is why MetaChurch is required reading for every pastor who believes we are called to make disciples … not attenders.

Nona Jones,

Tech Executive, pastor and bestselling author of From Social Media to Social Ministry.
Jeff Henderson

 When we launched North Point Online back in 2009, we weren’t quite sure what we were doing. In some ways, it was an idea in search of a strategy. Now, almost every church has an online presence but the strategy is often still missing. That’s why Dave’s book is such a gift. It will help you connect your online presence with a sound ministry strategy.

Jeff Henderson,

Founding pastor, Gwinnett Church, author of Know What You’re FOR and What to do Next.
Jonathan Pokluda

 I have loved getting to know Dave through technology, which is how so many people in the future are going to get to know Jesus. We all need to take the advice in this book if we are passionate about reaching others for Christ. Dave’s methods are not just theoretical, they were born out of his experience and will be helpful to anyone in ministry. Read this book and share it with others.

Jonathan Pokluda,

Bestselling author, host of Becoming Something, pastor of Harris Creek
Wayne Alcorn

 Dave Adamson is an insightful leader. He has, over many years, been able to help churches navigate new technologies. More than ever, we have discovered the need for our churches to continue to innovate, in order to get the gospel message out, and to reach the world with the love of Jesus. MetaChurch will undoubtedly be both a challenge and an encouragement to those who read it. You may not agree with everything Dave writes. That’s ok. Pioneers and prophets will always stretch our paradigms. I trust that you will find in the pages of this book, inspiration and practical help in growing digital ministry as a part of your church’s mission.

Pastor Wayne Alcorn,

National President of Australian Christian Churches
Melinda Dwight

  We are not in a temporary season, this is a transition to a new era and Dave Adamson is holding a mirror to prompt a new paradigm. He has been an inspiration, challenge, and wonderful guide in this online season for Alpha Australia. Dave has helped us greatly, and this book will help you articulate and identify the essentials to consider. It was challenging, inspiring, painful, and truth-telling for my ministry's future, and I’m becoming an advocate for MetaChurch.

Melinda Dwight,

National Director for Alpha Australia
Beau Coffron

  If there is one church social media book I’d recommend reading this year, this would be it. MetaChurch not only brings up important questions, it gives practical advice for getting started and taking your church social media to the next level.

Beau Coffron,

Life.Church Social Media Director
Joel A'Bell

 Dave first got my attention with his Hebrew words on social media. Since meeting him and becoming friends, we have had many conversations about MetaChurch. I was enthralled reading this and feel urgent for everyone to understand where we are headed but also where we have been. There is a lot to navigate as the Church moves forward and it seems the future may belong to those who can know and understand the times, and also hear what the Spirit is saying. Dave Adamson has a grasp on both and I am excited to see how this work will influence the next few decades of Church and community engagement.

Joel A’Bell,

Convoy Of Hope Regional Leader for Oceania
Tim Lucas

 Finally! We've got the practical playbook for digital discipleship that pastors have been praying for! MetaChurch isn't some theory about a far-off future, it's a step-by-step blueprint to architect your church's online strategy now! Dave is not just a practitioner, he's a pastor who has seen the future of digital discipleship. So if you’re ready to pour the timeless Gospel through new digital wineskins, Dave provides a practical, step-by-step guide for engaging thirsty seekers online.

Tim Lucas,

Lead Pastor of Liquid Church
Phil Mershon

 In his new book, MetaChurch, Aussie Dave shows how churches need to keep rethinking their approach to ministry in an increasingly digital world. Dave's been at the headwaters of this new frontier long before the world had to cope with a pandemic. Just as the Apostle Paul was willing to become all things to reach people beyond the reach of the Gospel, Dave shows us the way forward. There are no simple answers and the landscape keeps changing. But we must keep pressing forward. If you're a ministry leader looking to reach an increasingly digital world, I highly recommend you read this book.

Phil Mershon,

Director of Events at Social Media Examiner
Jay Kranda

  Dave is one of the few thought leaders around digital and the Church. I always love how he thinks and challenges every pastor to integrate digital. Can’t wait to dive more into this book.

Jay Kranda,

Online Community Pastor at Saddleback Church
Brady Shearer

  MetaChurch is the ideal companion for churches and leaders as they seek to navigate the biggest communication shift in 500 years. Dave understands the pulse of the everyday church like few I’ve met—and he’s one of the smartest minds in the world of church tech today.

Brady Shearer,

Founder of Pro Church Tools and Nucleus

About the Author


Dave Adamson

I’m Dave Adamson, Aussie Dave to many who know me, and I’ve been on a journey in the world of digital ministry for nearly 15 years.

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