MetaChurch Online Team Job Descriptions


The success of a church’s digital ministry or MetaChurch strategy relies heavily on human resources. 

Hiring or repositioning staff, or setting up volunteer teams to help oversee your church’s live-streams, social media, podcasts, YouTube channel, or apps and websites is a crucial step in leveraging online tools in your church. That’s because it means someone is waking up processing how to connect with people online!

But where do you even start with this process? 

And that’s why, if you’re interested in building a staff team around online services, this post is for you. 

Below is a list of job descriptions for staff and volunteer positions you can use as a resource as you consider how your church will staff for the “new normal”. 

And you can download this as a PDF file by clicking here.

1. Executive Director – Digital Ministries

FOCUS: Leadership, innovation and oversight

HOURS: Full-time

RESPONSIBILITIES: This role provides oversight and support for all digital teams and staff. This person is responsible for facilitating the best use of technology across the church including, but not restricted to, online live streams, social media, on-demand content, YouTube and podcasts.

2. Online or Digital Pastor

FOCUS: Leadership, assimilation and engagement

HOURS: Full-time

RESPONSIBILITIES: This role coordinates and oversees the online streaming services, manages volunteer teams, and is the first point of contact for online viewers. The online pastor is responsible for developing pathways for on-line viewers to connect with in-person services, events and small groups. They will also monitor and respond to online analytics and metrics.

3. Online Service Producer

FOCUS: Leadership, service programming 

HOURS: Full-time 

RESPONSIBILITIES: This role plans and produces the online streaming service and events. They are responsible for scheduling and leading production volunteers, and works closely with in-person production staff to ensure the service is streamed online. They will also make sure the services and online events are made available on-demand on multiple platforms.

4. Digital Outreach Coordinator

FOCUS: Leadership, marketing and outreach

HOURS: Full-time or part-time

RESPONSIBILITIES: This role is responsible for connecting unchurched people with your church’s online services. This person creates and leverages a social media strategy, online marketing, Google keywords, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, topical online events and watch parties to connect with unchurched people, and move them to online viewers and in-person attenders.

5. Online Host 

FOCUS: Leadership, hosting and engagement

HOURS: Part-time or volunteer

RESPONSIBILITIES: This role helps facilitate the online service by connecting and engaging with viewers. This person will have on-camera and communication skills to welcome people to the service, and will also interact with online viewers via chat or social media.

6. Online Service Director 

FOCUS: Leadership, production

HOURS: Volunteer

RESPONSIBILITIES: This person will have some technical knowledge of video switching, and will direct the video that is streamed online. This person should be someone who is trained in video directing, and will communicate directly with camera people during the service. They will also be responsible for training and coaching new volunteers.

You can learn more about the MetaChurch job description by watching this video.